Electric Motor Repairs in Somerset, PA

Tim’s Repairs a Vast Array of Motors of All Sizes

Tim’s Electric Motor Repair Company repairs a vast array of electric motors on the market in the Somerset, PA region. We repair all sizes of motors, including generators, fans, compressors, shafts, gearboxes, power tools, blower assemblies, welders, and other small engines. You can rely on us for all of your electric motor repairs, from minor maintenance to a major repair. Our staff members have the training, experience, and knowledge to work on most electric motors from many manufacturers. Give Tim’s Electric Motor Repair Company a call at (814) 445-5078.

Electric Motor Services & Brands Available at Tim’s

Electric Motor Repairs
Pump Repairs
Motor and Pump Orders
Machine Work
Power Tool Repair
Blower Assembly

Fan Repair
Generator and Welder Repair
Custom Phase Converters
Capacitor Repairs
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Baldor Motors

Maska Pulleys
Dayton Motors
Fasco Motors
Lovejoy Couplers
A.O. Smith Motors

Helwig Brushes
Pool and Spa Pumps
Heating Motors
Gates Belts
North American Motors

Repairmen Focus on Fast Turnarounds on Motor Repairs

Tim’s Electric Motor Repair Company’s hard-working and knowledgeable repairmen aim for fast turnarounds on projects. We work on motors of all sizes, from small to large, including heating motors.

Are you having problems with your generator, snow blower, or lawn mower? Our repairmen can diagnose the issue and make the repair as soon as possible. We can also make repairs on motors of up to 200 horsepower.

Trust Our Technicians to Make the Repairs Correctly

You might be good at making repairs yourself, and you might be thinking about repairing a motor. A do-it-yourself project could spark further problems that you did not envision and cost you more money in the long run. Your best option is to hire Tim’s Electric Motor Repair Company to fix your motor. We have many years of experience in making electric motor repairs for individuals, businesses, and industries. Our technicians continue to keep up with the latest equipment and industry standards.